Builders, Inc.

1081 S. Glendale St.
Wichita , KS

Maintenance/Office Clerk Helper

Builders, Inc.
Wichita, KS Part-time
Posted on October 6, 2018

Skills, Knowledge & Personal Characteristics:

General maintenance experience, knowledge of appliance repair, light carpentry, plumbing and electrical knowledge, knowledge of safety procedures, safety conscious, steady and dependable, and the ability to work under pressure with deadlines.


You are responsible the storage facilities maintenance, office operations (as needed), rental of its units (help manager as needed), sale of merchandise (help manager as needed), the marketing of your service (help manager as needed), the security of the premises and other operations deemed necessary. Responsible for maintaining the physical condition and appearance of the site. Organize, coordinate and manage the overall maintenance programs including exterior property appearance and timely work order service.

Your success, that of your store, and the company program depends upon the professional impression you present.  Remember—YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION.



Duties may include, but are not limited to:

1) Implement, follow and enforce any procedures set forth in the Operations Manual on file in the office, and any other memo or instruction given to you by your Property Manager.

2) AS NEEDED - Operate the store at its highest and best economic and square footage occupancy by:

  • Renting all available space to qualified customers, making sure that all spaces are

          clean prior to rental.

  • Timely collection of rent, deposits, and assessed fee.
  • Selling accessory merchandise, such as padlocks, packing materials, and any other merchandise or services that may be available at your storage location.

3) Visually inspect the store daily and observe and respond promptly to any potential breach of security problems, such as: unsecured locks, gates, fencing and spaces: any evidence of tampering with anything, anytime:  suspicious activity by any person or persons on or around the store.  Be watchful and suspicious of unidentified substances which could be drugs, or toxic or flammable chemicals.

5) Be thoroughly familiar with emergency procedures dealing with fires, criminal activity, accidents, natural or “man-made” disasters.

6) Handle all customer inquiries or problems in a timely, courteous manner. Satisfied customers are our biggest asset.

7) At Property Manager’s direction, assist Property Manager in inventorying the content of storage spaces, and assist with all steps necessary to impose and collect Company’s lien on stored property of delinquent customers, including proper retention of lien sale files in accordance with the Company policy.

8) Make daily bank deposits and deliveries to the Post Office. For security purposes, manager shall stagger bank visits at different times of the day.  Weekend receipts will be deposited the following business day.

9) Be responsible for accurate computer accounting records and petty cash funds.

10) Follow proper dress attire, good grooming, and hygiene habits. Smoking by employees is prohibited in the front office and in front of or around any customers.

11) Perform minor repairs needed at the facility.  Advise the Property Manager of any construction defects or subsequent maintenance items as soon as you are aware of them, and supervise the work of subcontractors authorized by Company on the facility.  The physical condition of the facility is your responsibility.  Non-emergency requests should be submitted to the home office as soon as possible.  Keep the premises in a neat and clean condition, the grounds free of debris and the landscaped areas free of weeds.

12) Participate when requested in training programs or seminars at owner’s request.



Reports directly to the On-site Manager, who has the primary authority to determine the exact “day-to-day” duties of the technician. This determination will take into consideration the technician’s skills, experience and career goals, and how they best fit into the operational needs of the property.



Flexible – 24 hours per week (3 working days at 8 hours per day)

Physical Requirements: Must be able perform the physical functions of the position, which may include, but are not limited to: ability to walk property, to complete physical inspections, deliver tenants communications, and show storage units.  Be able to effectively communicate with tenants, staff, supervisors, vendors, etc. Must be able to lift a minimum of 60 lbs. to facilitate vacuuming, moving office furniture and lifting of supplies.


Education: High school education or trade school required. Must be literate.

Must have a reliable vehicle to perform various management tasks and errands, including daily bank deposits. Must have proof of liability insurance for same. Bondable and Valid Driver’s License.