Cox Machine, Inc.

Wichita , KS

Multiple Aerospace and Manufacturing Positions

Cox Machine, Inc.
Wichita, KS Full-time
Posted on September 30, 2018

Work in a stable manufacturing facility that is debt free, family-owned and expanding in the Wichita area.

We offer competitive pay and benefits including a profit sharing program.

Immediate Openings for:


Supply Chain Manager:

Manages overall supply chain operations, including purchasing and inventory of raw materials, selection of vendors, distribution of detail and hardware to assembly kitting, and finished goods. Evaluates past performance data to forecast needs and production levels. Develops strategic plans to improve productivity, quality, and efficiency of operations to include suppliers/ vendors. Ensures supply base issues are resolved in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. Provides functional leadership and guidance to each department.


Maintenance Technician:

Performs preventative maintenance as per the required schedule and/or as directed Management.  Support Maintenance Supervisor in performing other duties as assigned.  Must have a clear understanding of Preventative Maintenance.  Expected to display creative thinking in troubleshooting mechanical failures.  Must be able to get machines up and running until final solution or repairs are made. Expected to be self motivated and well organized.  Needs to have strong communication skills and able to build relationship with the shop so that they feel comfortable asking for maintenance help. 


Burr Operator, 2nd & 3rd shift:

Must be prepared to do repetitive work and complete parts in a timely manner.  Needs to be very particular of recognizing acceptable cosmetic appearance without over-burring.  Must communicate well with others and be able to stay on task.  Operate and maintain required burr equipment.   


CNC Machinist, 2nd & 3rd shift:

Sets up and operates CNC milling machines. Drills to fabricate and repair parts made from metals, plastics and alloys. Experience in aircraft precision machining is highly preferred. Prefer 1-3 years CNC milling machine operation experience and the ability to read aircraft blueprints. Must have excellent shop math and mechanical ability.


Assembly Mechanic, 2nd shift:

Responsible for assembling airplane parts per customer engineering on time every time with 100% customer satisfaction. Must be able to follow assembly procedures, use a computer and follow directions. Must have math skills and mechanical ability.


Quality Assurance Inspector:

Responsible for performing day to day first part and lot inspection of product. Utilizes inspection tools such as micrometers, calipers, gauges and other tools to perform inspection duties. Expected to read customer engineering and work orders to determine requirements. Ensures completion of First Article Inspection reports. Position supports production personnel with inspection issues and documents inspections in log. Expected to have strong communication skills, be able to interpret requirements and perform accurate inspections in a timely manner.



Responsible for evaluating customer engineering to create models and NC programs to produce quality product at nominal dimensions made of various materials. They must provide adequate information to aid in production including setup sheets, fixturing, tooling, and NC code files. They must also provide additional assistance to the production floor and inspection when needed for clarification and/or trouble shooting when requested. Programmers should strive to produce the highest quality product through the manufacturing process efficiently with minimal variation.


Quality Supervisor:

Supervises company quality process and objectives while ensuring all procedures are adhered to.  Responsible for acting as a liaison between Planning, Manufacturing and Quality as well as customers and suppliers. Expected to have strong communication skills with the ability to communicate at all levels and be able to resolve Quality related issues in a timely manner. Supports Divisional Quality and Manufacturing, and Corporate Planning personnel with customer engineering interpretation and customer source.  Responsible for preparing for and facilitating customer audits. 



Support the company’s objectives with regards to current manufacturing processes.  Develops and documents the sequence of operation plans for manufacturing parts.  Responsible for revising routers as necessary to support improved processes with an internal goal of improving the production processes and techniques used within the company.  Performs contract review process of planning.  Verifies current engineering revisions to customer website portals. 


Receiving Inspector:

Perform all aspects of outside processing receiving inspection, which includes verification of compliance to final processing, appearance, quality paperwork, etc.  Needs to be familiar with the visual appearance of final processes and have a working knowledge of customer processing specifications and engineering.  This position will also ensure that all final processing received comply with the most current Engineering and Quality requirements as imposed. 


Material Handler/Coolant Technician:

Responsible for managing both the Metal Recycling Program and Coolant Program.  Expected to maintain Puck Machine and the puck area.  Ensures that chip hoppers are emptied from production floor machining center.  Responsible for removing empty pallets from production floor and support deliveries.  Must be able to work independently with strong attention to detail and organization skills. 


Entry-level Contract Admin.:

Performs and coordinates contract administrative activities and provides daily support to individuals, groups or teams. Responsible for acting as a liaison between internal and external customers. Assists with orders, status and other queries while maintaining efficiency and a high level of quality. Possessing strong motivation, detail oriented communication skills (both verbal and written), good judgment, sense of urgency and the ability to work in a fast-paced team environment.


Shipping Part Picker, 2nd shift:

Responsible for correctly and efficiently picking customer orders for shipments. Must be able to ensure the correct part and quantity are pulled. Expected to complete daily cycle counting. Must be very detail oriented, work well independently and possess strong time management skills. Position requires a good standing driving record and ability to operate company vehicle.


Shipping Part Marker:

Responsible for correctly and efficiently marking orders. Must be able to properly read documents. Expected to package parts in proper container as outlined by customer requirements. Must be very detail oriented, work well independently and possess strong time management skills.


Burr Operator, 1st shift (Harper, KS):

Must be prepared to do repetitive work and complete parts in a timely manner.  Needs to be very particular of recognizing acceptable cosmetic appearance without over-burring.  Must communicate well with others and be able to stay on task.  Operate and maintain required burr equipment.   


Machinist, 1st (Harper, KS):

Responsible for setting up and operating machines  to fabricate parts.  Must be able to understand the importance of the cellular concept to make sure that parts are running smoothly.  Expected to understand material type and temper and successfully utilizes tools and machine.  Must be able to make successful decisions on utilizing the correct tooling and following sequences.  Responsible for suggesting improvements in support of lean manufacturing concepts.  Expected to be able to utilize inspections tools, such as calipers, height gages, depth gages.