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Temporary Sample Processing Technicians

Kansas Geological Survey, The University of Kansas
Wichita, KS Full-time
Posted on May 24, 2019

REVIEW BEGINS: 6/10/2019

SALARY, EMPLOYMENT STATUS, AND FRINGE BENEFITS: $12.50 per hour. Temporary appointment, 29 hours per week, 999 hour limit from initial appointment and per paid calendar year. Temporary positions do not include benefits. 
50%: Sample Inspection & Processing: Process and label samples according to depth, circulation, and skips. Record depth interval, interval feet, circulations, and skips on sample processing form. Accuracy is of great importance; errors render samples un-locatable and negate the value of the well samples. Unless directed by Geology Research Technician (GRT) or WWSL manager, all samples are processed on the production line conveyor belt.
20%: Sample Labels: Incumbent is required to accurately enter sample and well data using assigned workstation, print labels, and attach labels to sample envelopes.
15%: Library Sample Box Maintenance: Incumbent will utilize a database to record information on library sample box maintenance. Damaged sample boxes will be replaced, insuring the replacement sample box ID is the same ID as the damaged box, and replace the new box in the original location on the warehouse bulk storage racks. When sample envelopes in the damaged box are also damaged, the sample envelopes will be replaced with new envelopes and labels duplicating well sample data on old envelopes. When re-boxing or re-enveloping any wells samples, the original labels must be checked for accuracy against the well sample database and when necessary another source may be used, such as completion cards, drillers' logs, wireline log headers, etc. and any corrections made to the labels will be reported to the GRT or AAS to update the well sample database.
5%: Storage & Placement: Place filled sample boxes sequentially in appropriate location on warehouse bulk storage racks. Maintain confidential status for samples approved by the Kansas Corporation Commission and label confidential.
5%: Requested Samples: Retrieve and replace sample boxes per loan requests. Prepare sample boxes for customers and give identification to the GRT or Administration Associate Senior (AAS) to record in database and invoice customer. When needed, query the database to obtain sample box identification of samples for specific oil or gas well. Remove sample boxes requested for examination from warehouse bulk storage rack and place on pickup table in WWSL entryway or take to examination room if samples are to be examined on site. Prepare and package wells samples for shipping to clients. Incumbent will place all boxes returned to the library on the sample intake table located in the sample processing room for GRT to check in. Once checked in, return boxes to the proper location on the warehouse bulk storage racks.
5%: Maintenance, Supply, & Repair: Cut and trim grass using tractor lawn mower and cordless trimmer/edger. Remove snow from sidewalk, driveway, and parking lot. Pick up materials from Kansas Geological Society, Wichita State University and other places using state-owned vehicle. Perform preventative maintenance within capability of assigned equipment and facilities to include touch-up painting of walls, repairing minor faucet leaks, etc. and driving vehicle to and from dealer repair shop. Report such work needing to be done to GRT or manager before doing it. As needed, dust, mop, clean floors, restrooms, and empty waste baskets. Assist in loading or unloading state and commercial vehicles and placing received items on shelves or pallets using electric forklift or manual labor.


  • Written communication skills as evidenced by application materials.
  • One year computer experience operating a PC computer with Windows operating system, Internet Explorer 5.0 or later version and Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, or other similar software applications as evidenced by application material.