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Home Health Occupational Therapist

Susan B Allen Memorial Hospital
El Dorado, KS Full time
Posted on February 24, 2018


  1. Performs initial evaluation and periodic re evaluation of clients.
  2. Designs treatment programs, establishes the occupational therapy care plan based on evaluative findings.
  3. Administers treatments to clients based on the plan of care and under the orders of a physician.
  4. Provides education as necessary to the patient, caregivers and others in the home. Prepares all written documentation for home use by the client caregiver in order to meet the goals of the care plan.
  5. Maintains and encourages open and ongoing communication with physicians, disciplines, co workers and peer organizations regarding client care.
  6. Ensures that all care for client is coordinated with physicians, agency personnel, other hospital personnel and community resources so to maximize care and services.
  7. Provides services in manner to contribute to client meeting goals.
  8. Interprets results and treatment goals to client, physician, caregivers, and other disciplines involved in care for client. Provides services in manner to contribute to client meeting goals.
  9. Maintains and ensures that all documentation is present on the client clinical record, according to department policy and procedures.
  10. Demonstrates knowledge of all departmental policies and procedures, maintains that skills necessary to execute them. Complies with all hospital policies and procedures.
  11. Maintains adequate knowledge of the regulations governing Medicare, Medicaid Home Health Services and reimbursement guidelines in order to make accurate decisions regarding covered client services.
  12. Maintains adequate knowledge of standards put forth by the J.A.C.H.O. in order to ensure on going accreditation by the agency.
  13. Files accurate record of charges, mileage for all clients on a weekly basis.
  14. Provides a positive working environment for all co workers, colleagues and visitors to the department through two way communication, good listening techniques and consideration of differing opinions or difficult situations.
  15. Maintains confidentiality of all client information, as well as employee and departmental information.
  16. Supervises supporting personnel Home Health Aides and certified occupational therapy assistants as appropriate and set forth in agency policy and procedures.
  17. Participates in clinical record audits per Director requests.
  18. Performs other duties as assigned.


  1. Participates in clinics fairs during the year to promote the Home Health Department.
  2. Communicates to the public positively and proactively on services provided by the Home Health Department.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Must have good verbal and written communication skills, manual dexterity, possess skills in analytical thinking and planning, ability to drive and organizational skills. Knowledge and competence in working with infants, pediatrics, adolescents, adult and geriatric clients. Must provide own car or have means of transportation in order to complete services. Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy. Experience: One year as an occupational therapist preferred, with preference given to individuals with one year of experience in Home Health, Hospice or Long Term Care Facility. Certification/Licensure: Kansas License as an Occupational Therapist, Kansas Drivers License, proof of auto insurance. Code Blue Training: Must have BLS Certification.


Requires full range of body motion. Requires frequent sitting, standing and walking. Requires lifting of patients up to 50 lbs and carrying of up to 25lbs. Eye hand coordination along with manual and finger dexterity required. Vision and hearing must be normal or corrected to normal range. Will be working under stressful conditions and irregular hours. Driving without a break for up to 30 minutes at a time. Possible exposure to communicable disease, hazardous materials, sharps and clients homes in poor condition including rodent, insect infestation. Exposure to animals kept inside, outside of clients home. May be exposed to tobacco smoke. Will be exposed to clients bodily fluids. Requires occasional bending, twisting and stooping. Requires occasional pushing and pulling of objects up to 50 lbs. Will require occasional climbing, balancing, kneeling, reaching, grasping and overhead work. Must be able to distinguish letters or symbols. Employee must be able to operate telephone, cellular phone, fax, copier and all equipment utilized by Occupational Therapy. Requires repetitive movements such as typing and handwriting daily. Will be exposed to extreme heart and cold due to outdoor work and traveling to clients home. 



Hours are normally 08:00 through 1630, Monday thru Friday. May include working weekends and holidays, with potential for varied shifts, overtime, cost containment absent days, or standby time.


  • Excellent Starting Salary
  • Liberal Paid Time Off
  • Generous 401(k) Match
  • Competitive Benefits
  • Monday through Friday Schedule

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