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Enrollment Assistant

TOP Early Learning Center
Wichita, KS Full time
Posted on August 30, 2017

Experience and Education

  • Experience in Customer Service.
  • Sales and Marketing helpful.
  • Bi-lingual English and Spanish preferred.
  • Prior experience with Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel, Outlook).
  • Some accounting/bookkeeping experience preferable.
  • Prior experience working with DCF, Head Start and CACFP Food Program preferable.

Additional Requirements

  • Good health as confirmed by recent physical.
  • KBI and NATSB clearance.
  • Completion of Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse and Neglect (with Head Trauma).
  • Completion of CPR
  • Completion of Pediatric First Aid
  • Completion of Basic Child Development with Supervision
  • Health & Safety 107
  • Completion of 8 hours of approved in-service clock hours annually
  • CACFP Administrative Workshop training
  • Food Safety Basics
  • Must be able to independently ambulate without assistance of crutches or a walker

General Responsibilities 

·         Ensure telephone is answered promptly, and courteously. 

·         Greet all visitors courteously and ensure all visitors sign in upon entering and departing facility.  Keep facility locked down during “slow/off” hours.

·         Do not allow anyone to pick up a child that is not on the pickup list if you are the one being asked the whereabouts of the child.  Check ID as required.  Escort new persons to back so they are not wandering the facility. 

·         Do not allow children to leave the facility without adult supervision.  (As in running out the front door in front of mom/dad etc…)

·         Respond as soon as possible to e-mail messages, and phone inquiries to maximize enrollments. Answer any questions regarding the program or refer to the Enrollment Coordinator, Finance Director, Center Director or Assistant Director.

·         Forward messages to staff that come in to the reception desk.

·         Assist the enrollment coordinator in organizing enrollment information, packets, open enrollments materials, brochures, posters, and any other marketing or enrollment materials.

·         Assist in maintaining the appointment schedule(s) for new and existing enrollments, especially for the Fall Open Enrollment session.  Make follow up reminder calls for appointments.

·         Ensure all enrollment packets are complete before the parent/caregiver leaves to enable efficient and effective enrollments. 

·         Ensure all leads are logged in the enrollment source database.

·         Follow up on wait list and call for appointments.

·         Attend community meetings with Enrollment Coordinator to market TOP and solicit prospective enrollments.

·         Assist with creation, and upkeep of each child’s file be it EZ Care, QuickBooks, DAISEY, parent/center agreement, enrollment application, health assessments, CACFP, Health Department, Class Room & Finance Department records.

·         Maintain “clock in/out” data in EZ Care for accurate attendance tracking by using the parent sign in and out weekly.

·         Provide attendance data per partnership requirements.

·         Ensure appropriate and accurate student paperwork is provided to classroom teachers and kitchen staff as soon as possible.

·         Assist with partnership billings, parent billings, and collections.

·         Calculate and maintain CACFP Meal Count Data and claims spreadsheet.  Provide Accuracy report to A.D. at month end and send claims spreadsheet to Finance Director by the 4th of the month for the previous month.

·         Prepare classroom Sign In / Out and Meal Count sheet if requested to do so.

·         Train new teachers in how the meal count sheet should be filled out.

·         Perform one of the three CACFP Center Site Surveys (annually)

·         Enter payments into parent account at the time of receipt, assist parent/caregiver in understanding their statement.

·         Assist with Center functions as requested or required.  Parent meetings, ALL Staff meetings etc…

·         Conduct and collect parent survey data when requested to do so

·         Any other project at the discretion of the Center Director in collaboration with the Enrollment Coordinator or Finance Director.

·         Report to Enrollment Coordinator and/or Finance Director for further instruction.

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